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In 2011, media giant Thomson Reuters invited us to be syndicated on its web channel  Reuters Business Traveler (a subsite of We are the only green travel website featured on this comprehensive resource for travelers. Here is what Reuters Business Traveler Editor Peter Myers says about us:

Reuters Business TravelerWe spent months looking for the best business travel blogs in the world, and your Green Travel Guides is easily one of the very best blogs focused on traveling green we’ve ever seen (and we’ve reviewed thousands!). Your blog is a stunningly comprehensive, professional and helpful blog for anyone at all interested in traveling in an eco-friendly manner. You cover cities all over the world, and your tips are perfect for those who want to be more responsible in where they choose to stay and how they choose to travel. But what really makes you stand out from the bazillion travel blogs we’ve read is a combination of several unique strengths working together: the breadth of your coverage of the world; your clear dedication to making the world more green; your practical, non-preachy approach; your gorgeous photography; your conversational writing style; and your no-nonsense attitude toward behaving in a green fashion when we travel.

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Planet Green

In a posting titled “Sites We Like,” (owned by The Discovery Channel) says about us:

Green Traveler Guides showcases eco-friendly travel ideas that its writers have researched and experienced. “We won’t send you anywhere we haven’t been” is one of the site’s slogans…. GTG is pretty comprehensive, with posts on everything from saving green (money)—”Travel Secrets of Frequent Fliers”—to Voluntourism, as in mixing volunteer service with your travel.

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World Wildlife Fund

The WWF Travel Blog chooses us as one of “Five to Read in Conservation Travel” (April 1, 2011):

Green practices are spreading throughout India, especially in Kerala, which Green Traveler Guides calls ‘India’s greenest state, literally and environmentally.’

We are a featured blog on this well-known directory of independent travel blogs on the web. Here’s what they say about us:

Travel Blog Sites - Site of the Day
Green Traveler Guides is the creation of travel writer Gary Diedrichs and his wife Peggy. They saw the need for accurate green travel blogging based on actually experiencing the best green sleeping, eating, doing and seeing. So they created a blog to help other people make greener travel decisions.

We are a featured blog on this directory of best blogs.
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Re: Ktima Bellou: a green hotel in shadow of the Greek gods—“It is an honour for us to be featured in Green Traveler Guides. We love your website and we really appreciated the way you approached us and our work. [Contributing Writer Constance] Washburn is a very kind person; we enjoyed the fact that she
was interested in learning about all the details, especially the green ones, about our hotel, as well as the fact that she gave us valuable feedback through her experience. We have to admit that this is one of the most analytical articles written about us and we would like to thank you for this.

Re: Eco-sensitive tourism in Kerala’s backwaters—”Easily, your post is the best on this worthwhile topic. I concur with your conclusions and anxiously look forward to your future updates. Saying thank you will not be enough, for the exceptional clarity in your writing. I’ll immediately subscribe to your feed to stay informed of any updates. Admirable work and much success in your business endeavors!”

Re: The greenest resort in Hawaii— “Aloha! Great post!! I’m a fan!! I’ve always loved the Mauna Lani resort and now there’s even more reason to recommend them to ‘ohana and clients visiting the Big Island!!”

Re: Chiang Mai green— “After reading your latest post from Chiang Mai, our senses were so aroused that we immediately made a reservation for Thai food.”

Re: The green king— “I really love this written piece very much. As a Thai person, we are very proud of our king, though we rarely see him smile. But that is not the way he won our hearts, is it? Well done is better than well smile, right? Thanks for your well wish for our green King.”

Re: The ‘g’ in green is for giving— “Thanks for such a wonderful article on the work we are doing in Teotitlan del Valle, Oaxaca.”