to publish carbon emissions for 591,000 hotels

25 February 15

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Several travel booking websites now call out eco-friendly lodgings, but in a world-first, not only is the Netherlands-based BookDifferent revealing which hotels have a valid green certification—they are also publishing nearly 600,000 hotels’ carbon emissions.

Each hotel will have a icon listing the number of kilos of CO² emitted per night stayed.

BookDifferent logo“By showing the carbon footprint icons we give consumers a voice, enabling them to choose to stay in a hotel with a small carbon footprint,” says Lonneke de Kort of BookDifferent. “I expect that because of this more hotel owners will start actively improving their CO² management.”

She also foresees that the introduction of this carbon footprint feature will have a positive effect on further sustainable development of the tourism industry.

Adds de Kort: “Travelers can now enjoy comfort and local food in a beautiful setting with respect for both people and nature. With a 100 percent best price guarantee BookDifferent proves that going green on your holiday doesn’t also involve having to pay more.”

The carbon footprint is calculated by means of a mathematical formula developed by the Breda University of Applied Sciences (NHTV) in cooperation with BookDifferent and the Dutch tourism sector as a part of a “carbon management for tour operators” (CARMATOP) project.

A version of this post originally appeared on and was written by Valere Tjolle.

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