| Green Travel News | Now in its ninth year, the BaliSpirit Festival (March 29-April 3, 2016) is considered one of the world’s top yoga, dance and live music experiences. The 6-day-and-night event near Ubud (the same village where the book and film Eat, Pray, Love took place) will feature a global celebration offering rejuvenation and inspiration […]


This month’s Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Bali is considered one of the world’s top yoga, dance and live music experiences. Another is its growing eco-commitment.


| Ubud’s Green Yoga | I’ve been a big Michael Franti & Spearhead fan ever since my friend Leah practically begged me to purchase the Everyone Deserves Music CD in 2003. So I am not surprised in the least to thoroughly love Franti’s new green Soulshine Bali yoga retreat—it’s just a short stroll beyond the […]


| Ubud’s Organic Pioneer | The sun is setting over Ubud’s rice paddies, but I’m simply incapable of walking past a hand-painted farm sign proclaiming “organic” without stopping to investigate. Bali’s energy, as I’ve come to appreciate, opens doors to magical experiences. This mystical May evening proves to be no exception—in this case, with the […]


| Greening With Wayan | Now that Julia Roberts has become Elizabeth Gilbert in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love, legions more will make pilgrimmages to the people and places rhapsodized in the book and movie. It’s gotten just plain silly. Hotels, tour companies and guidebook publishers are offering everything from do-it-yourself trips to luxury excursions based on Gilbert’s 2006 […]


| Those Revolutionary Sixties | Not so very long ago, all of Bali, Indonesia, was green. Which is to say, before chemicals were widely used on the luxuriantly green rice terraces that feed this busy island of 3+ million inhabitants. The flooded paddies were laboratories of biodiversity, home to eels, snakes, frogs, snails, many insects, […]