| Kanha Roars Back | Two young Royal Bengal tigers are gorging themselves on freshly-killed chital. This is the moment I had come on safari in India for. The moment everyone comes for. I feel safe atop my massive Indian elephant. (Tigers and elephants honor an age-old truce not to mess with each other—I’m hopeful, […]


| Holy City Refuge | Early one smog-enshrouded morning in Varanasi, India, my pollution-spewing tuk-tuk 3-wheel taxi zooms across the cow-and-car congested city streets and delivers me to the sparkling 5-star Radisson. To say the least, this is one of Varanasi’s top hotels. The accommodations are flawless–from immaculately clean, tasteful rooms and reliable WiFi, to […]

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| Green Travel News | After extensive customer research, Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces has rebranded 16 of its hotels to its new upper-upscale Vivanta by Taj. The hotels join the 3 existing Vivanta by Taj properties to create a brand that will grow organically to more than 30 hotels in India with more than 5 […]


| Green travel spotlight | We see Sean in Haiti, Brad in New Orleans. It’s gotten Hollywood trendy to lend a helping hand. Thumbs up to that, we say. Maybe that’s why Voluntourism, mixing volunteer service with your travel, is booming. But sacrificing creature comforts and limited leisure time is not for everyone.  Why not […]


Green palaces of Udaipur

24 December 09

| Maharana of Green | Rajasthan is famous for its palaces. These fabulous fortresses scattered across this storied, and still fascinating, state of India remain as monuments to the enormous wealth and regal whims of their original occupants, the absolute rulers of these erstwhile feudal domains. But the palaces of southwestern Rajasthan, on placid Lake […]


| Delhi’s Mission Possible? | How is it that India’s vast capital city, roundly maligned in the past as among the world’s most toxic metropolises, now says it hopes to be pollution-free in 2010? It’s a story line as unlikely as, say, Slum Dog Millionaire sweeping the Oscars, and, yes, it seems totally improbable to us. […]


Agra: Taj to Taj

7 April 09

| Green In Uttar Pradesh | Even in one of India’s most visited (and justly celebrated) places, you can’t be too careful. The standard guidebooks warn of pickpockets and pushy touts who pretend to be guides. As green travel sleuths, though, we worry about the basics when we’re in Agra, home to the iconic Taj […]


| Holy But Filthy | You must come to Varanasi. Here in this holiest of Hindu cities edged by the holiest of Hindu rivers, your eyes are opened to the mystical India, an unfathomable place which defies so-called rational (i.e., Western) explanation and challenges all your senses, all at the same time, almost all of […]


| Inspiration to Millions | If you don’t know her amazing story, you should. She’s Vandana Shiva, environmental guru and so much more. Based in New Delhi, she’s been a thorn in the side of GMO thugs like Monsanto and became high priestess of India’s tree huggers as far back as the 1970s. She’s fought […]


| A Village Green | We’re climbing most of the 5-hour drive from the Malabar Coast (in that cartoonish Indian classic, the white Ambassador sedan). Past coffee, teak, rubber and tea plantations splayed across the hillsides, chaotic villages and lush forest, until the air cools perceptably and sends us motes of cardamom, cinnamon, clove. We’re […]