| Sanctuary of Green | Don’t get us wrong, we love San Miguel de Allende. But the problem even with colonial Mexican cities that ooze charm is that, sometimes. you … just … want … your … nature. Pure and simple, fresh and beautiful nature. Well, do as we do: head for El Charco del […]


| The Power of Dos | It’s our first day back at our favorite place in central Mexico, and our rental’s fridge yawns empty.The weekly organic tianguis—biggest and, in our opinion, finest organic farmers market in the entire country—is still a few days away. So the go-to today in San Miguel de Allende is definitely Via Organica. We’ve written […]

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| Mexico’s Greenest City? | We are frankly amazed. It quickly dawns on us that, arguably, San Miguel de Allende could be the greenest city in all Mexico. On a per capita basis, this achingly lovely, authentically historic place (population 130 thousand) eclipses even the cosmopolitan capitol of Mexico City, whose huge heartbeat nourishes many […]