| Hacienda Gone Green | The city of Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s great treasures. Renowned as a dining destination—home to the seven moles and eight native food traditions—Oaxaca also famously boasts a historic centro that’s a stroller’s paradise of lovely colonial architecture, superb artisan crafts made in the outlying pueblos, organic coffee shops and mezcal […]


| Oaxaca Gets It | Now we know why Oaxaca City, capital of Oaxaca state, is known far and wide as the food mecca of Mexico. The art of Mexican cuisine is revered here, savored slowly, with home cooks and restaurant chefs zealously guarding personal secrets for moles (they make 7 major kinds here) and […]

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| G For Giving | Giving back is totally, totally green. As a responsible green traveler, contributing to a more healthy future for local—especially indigenous—communities is as important as finding that great green hotel or restaurant. After all, what’s more soul-satisfying than helping impoverished kids get crisp new school uniforms, or their grandparents getting their […]

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