Lake Chapala

| Greening in Atotonilquillo | And now for some good news from Mexico…again this year, the annual harvest celebration in a farming pueblo near Jalisco‘s Lake Chapala is coming off without a hitch. Here in the town plaza the crowds are happy and well fed, the most wizened abuelas to the youngest niños. The vendors are handing out samples and […]

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| Lake Chapala Paraíso | The air in early June is brittle, hot and dusty, but the shrill serenade of the rainbirds heralds the change that’s to come. Rainbirds are not birds at all, actually, but the local name for thousands of huge cicada-like insects that faithfully appear each year at this time, brilliant green to satisfy the Mexican love of […]


| Greening in Jalisco | We’re sitting in the afternoon shade of the dining patio in a vegetarian restaurant in Ajijic, chatting with Greg Ochs. Our topic: the state of all things green in this enchanted part of Mexico—the northern shore of Mexico’s largest natural lake, Lago de Chapala. The lake is drama itself. Once […]