| East Bay Green | Used to be, the neighborhood was, well, kinda scuzzy. A patch of northern California urban oh my in downtown Berkeley, only a between-classes stroll from the UC-Berkeley campus. Now look at it. It’s reborn as the Berkeley Arts & Cultural District. The internationally renowned performing arts complex everyone around here refers […]


| Deliciously Sustainable | Whenever possible. As in those two weasel words on a restaurant menu: we use organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. They promise so much … they give a kitchen so much wiggle room. Imagine if an organic farmer said: we won’t use toxic chemicals on our crops whenever possible. Well, […]

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| Green Travel News | This week is the 40th anniversary of the first meal served at Alice Waters‘ Chez Panisse, the iconic Berkeley, Calif. temple of green cuisine. In the words of syndicated columnist (The Edgy Veggie) Ellen Kanner: “All today’s precepts of a sustainable food system, the things we take for granted that […]