| Green Wine Country | Who can resist an invitation to visit the greenest winery in the United States (arguably, in the entire world)? Especially one that’s also among the most historic in California? Certainly not us. And doubly certainly not when this invitation is from a guy whose title at this winery is—are you […]


| Mendocino Green Wine | In northern California you’re never far from wine country. And while name brand-name mainstays like Napa and Sonoma seem to steal most of the attention, we tend to favor smaller, more remote appellations that offer quality vintages, artisan pleasures and a nice, slow pace of life. One of our favorites lies […]

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| Green And Inn-viting | Mendocino sets a mood. Perched on rocky headlands high above a swelling kelp-forest ocean, it’s like nowhere else on the California coast. A stage backdrop of a 19th-century seafaring village, with tidy New England ship captain’s homes and wooden sidewalks. A Pacific beacon for artists and dreamers and lovers of foggy […]


| Green Wine Country News | To celebrate a quarter-century of earth-friendly winemaking practices, Fetzer Vineyards is releasing a limited edition Earth Day chardonnay featuring a new label designed by a local artist. And the Hopland, California, winery is also donating $10 thousand to Leave No Trace, a non-profit that promotes the responsible enjoyment and […]


| A Mendo Wowie | There’s no mistaking the green of Mendocino. We don’t mean the color, of course, though the moods of this Northern California coastline transform ordinary chlorophyll into a pulsating emerald-on-acid. No, we mean our kind of green. And fellow green travelers, here in Mendo you just let out a big sigh […]