| Garden Isle Green | Sometimes, a great notion: Even on a tropical island paradise like Kauai, we’re in the mood for the unique, the more personal, the less expected. We seek an intimate experience unattainable at a big, showy resort. From the lush north coast with its hidden bracelets of beach to the sunny […]


| Green Garden Isle | Think of the eco-impact these mega-properties have—nowhere else on Kauai’s fragile island environment comes close to matching the sheer scale of their consumption and waste, or the potential for contamination of the land and sea and air they touch. Owned or managed by big corporations from somewhere far away, they have […]


| Noni ‘n’ Goats | Who cares about the stupid beach when there are organic farms to be toured? Hang loose, just kiddin’! The island of Kauai does boast some of Hawaii‘s most iconic golden sands, but up on the North Shore, especially, you shouldn’t miss visiting these very Hawaiian farms. Steve Frailey may be […]