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| Green Travel News | Starting today, Virgin Hotels is shuttling its guests around Chicago in a top-of-the-line, red Tesla Model S, the premium electric vehicle that is also the quickest-accelerating four-door vehicle— 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds—ever built. Doug Carrillo, Virgin Hotels vice president of sales & marketing, said, “Tesla is the hottest electric car on the road […]


| The Big (Green) Apple | From the bustling street, you might not suspect that Element Times Square West is one of New York City’s eco-pioneers. And yet here, hidden in plain sight, this deceptively inconspicuous 40-floor, 411-room hotel—on West 39th Street between Eight and Ninth Avenues in the heart of Manhattan’s Times Square neighborhood—offers […]


| Getting A Green High | Whenever I exchange what-do-you-do’s at a party or social meet-and-greet, I’ve learned to anticipate THE SNIGGER. It comes right after I say I write about green travel. “And so you fly from place to place? How can you call that green?” It’s a fair question, despite the dreaded snigger. […]


Healthier air travel and hotels lead the year’s travel trends spotted by Wellness Tourism Worldwise, an international organization focused on well-being and travel. The forecast is based on an analysis of


A new living green roof and a super-energy-efficient heat and power system are the latest eco-upgrades at Hilton New York, the city’s largest hotel.


Curious about electric cars? On your next vacation, give one a test drive—and instead of paying high gas prices, charge up for free. Major car rental companies, which have been offering hybrid vehicles for years, are now getting into the electric car (EV) market. And an ever-growing number of hotels, resorts, and even B&Bs

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| Green Travel News | Harvesting crops in Manhattan is tough. So Element New York Times Square West is doing the next best thing. Giving guests and neighbors easy access to fresh, seasonal produce and artisanal farm products, the earth-friendly hotel has forged a pioneering partnership with Holton Farms, an eighth-generation Vermont-based farm and Community […]