greece-shepherd-Pindus-MtnsGreen tourism in Greece today: an overview

Part of the traditional Greek character is a peasant shrewdness for making the best of what you’ve got, and a reverence for the simple life. Some who have recently returned to living on the land again are developing an alternative green lifestyle, bringing with them their city education, and an entrepreneurial spirit.


greece-green-hotelsGreen hotel in Greece? No problem …

Check out this website devoted to green hotels and green travel in Greece. It’s said to be the first network of Greek eco-hotels, and it ranks lodgings based on criteria proposed by the International Tourism Partnership, as well as existing infrastructure and opportunities in the Greek tourism sector.



greece-Mikro-Papigo-Pindus-MtnsA green hotel on Greece’s wild side: Mikro Papigo 1700

Smiling broadly, he hoists my bags onto the back of an ATV. I take the seat next to him and hang on for a opa! ride as we race up the dark lanes and bump around sharp, jagged turns. And this is how I arrive at this gloriously green mountain resort and spa in one of the most spectacular and wildest parts of Greece.

greece-ktima-bellou-bedroomKtima Bellou: a green hotel in the shadow of the Greek gods

It’s next to Mt. Olympus, home to the ancient Greek gods. Nearby is a traditional village surrounded by farm and forest. This is Macedonia, on the western Greek mainland. The hotel is elegant, award-winning and green. Its owners were teachers, and upon retiring they wanted to  do something to benefit their family, their native village and nature.



greece-Mykonos-waterfrontMykonos: where to find the green

Famous for its beaches, clear turquoise water, raucous night life, and picture perfect, white-washed buildings with colorful doors. On this island of sand and scrub and rocks, is there green to be found? The answer is yes.


greece-santarini-CalderaSantorini: where to find organic

Just before Akrotiri and a short walk down the road from our homestay, standing alone in a long stretch of dry rocky vineyards, we spot a small organic farm shop. This is where I come face to face with the hardscrabble life of the small organic farmer on Santorini.


greece-evia-ancient-olive-treeEvia: Eleonas Hotel does organic, one olive at a time

Eleonas Agrotouristic Hotel proves to be a haven of natural beauty, peacefulness and local food set amid hundreds of acres of organic olive groves which one family has been farming for almost 200 years. The property, which overlooks the Evokios Gulf, was bought from the Turks at the end of the Turkish occupation of Greece in 1833.


Loggerhead turtle - Zante, GreeceCorfu and Zakynthos: Going green in the gorgeous Greek Ionian Sea

These are not your stereotypical Greek isles of arid landscape and whitewashed buildings. Hiking, horseback riding, mountain climbing, kayaking, cycling—you can do it all here. Plus tips on other ecotourism activities in Greece.