5-star Indian hotel group adds “allergy friendly” rooms

19 April 12

| Green Travel News |

ITC, the Indian luxury group that calls itself the greenest hotel chain on earth, is adding specially cleaned and filtered rooms to its sustainability portfolio. ITC Maurya, the company’s flagship in New Delhi, installed 80 allergy-friendly rooms while also upgrading heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems to eliminate up to 100 percent of ultra fine particles known to cause illness. ITC plans to add more such rooms at its more than 100 hotels across India.

ITC Maurya - New Delhi, India

ITC Maurya: breathe freer

In taking this initiative, ITC partnered with PURE Global, whose patented PURE Room program cleans, sanitizes and seals all surfaces in a room, while filtering the air with medical grade air cleaners.

As part of the program, each room is updated every six months and monitored to insure that it meets strict allergy guidelines for healthy spaces, with a re-certification process every 2 years.

“This is the next generation’s must-have amenity for leading hotel companies worldwide,” in the words of PURE Global’s President, Vinny Lobdell.

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