Where green travel is going

Not so very long ago, being green was deeply in the closet. If you were a lux­ury prop­erty, espe­cially, you hid your green­ness. It was unbri­dled excess and unbounded pam­per­ing you Carbon footprint jetpromoted, not … ugh … sustainability. Green was for granola-grazing New Agers and less-is-more ascetics. Travel was FUN. Travel was CAREFREE. Who invited that pecksniffian party pooper, Mr. Green? Now, of course,  Mr. Green is on everybody’s A-list. This has happened very quickly. You can’t pick up a newspaper travel section or travel magazine without seeing the “G” word scattered everywhere, like droplets of holy water. Independent online booking agents … read more

Why travel green

Leaf globeBecause it’s best for you, best for the planet and best for local green businesses. Here’s why … read more