Bali high in Pemuteran

28 December 09

| North to Nirvana | Northern Bali is one big ahhhhhhh compared to the anthill of activity to the south. But with its slower pace and uncrowded vistas come a lagging sensibility about the benefits of green living. Yet there are bright spots. One such is the seaside village of Pemuteran, where local fishermen regularly […]


| A Paradise Recycled | In our wildest imaginings, Indonesia of our forefathers was never like this, but are we complaining? Certainly not. We are instead humming contentedly on the veranda of Rumah Mandau, a solid teak, handcrafted antique dwelling home in traditional rumah tinggal style that once stood in western Java. Now it sits […]

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| The Perfect Balance | Great green travel is, like many things, a matter of healthy balance. Often the places we sleuth out are quite green … but not great enough. So, regrettably, we can’t sing their praises. We’re not necessarily talking fancy, exclusive or pricey. What’s our definition of great? That’s easy: Can we […]

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| Green Farming Visionaries | Nearly 9 years ago, Blair and Ben Ripple dug deep into dark volcanic soil in the highlands of central Bali and pulled out a handful of potatoes. It was the first harvest for Big Tree Farms. Since then, the Ripples have become the premier producer of sustainably grown (organic) produce […]

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| Those Revolutionary Sixties | Not so very long ago, all of Bali, Indonesia, was green. Which is to say, before chemicals were widely used on the luxuriantly green rice terraces that feed this busy island of 3+ million inhabitants. The flooded paddies were laboratories of biodiversity, home to eels, snakes, frogs, snails, many insects, […]